April 1 - April 30, 2019


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  • Reflection Question
    Water Get Involved in the Water Justice Movement
    Who is affected by polluted water or a lack of access to water in your region? How are they affected?

    Jorgi Peterson 4/30/2019 11:51 AM
    People from underrepresented groups are affected by polluted water in our region because they are more likely to live next to landfills and "undesirable" places that can result in water contamination.

  • Mckenna Miller 4/30/2019 9:01 AM
    This challenge is a great idea and should be more utilized worldwide, it will quickly help make our world a better place! I'm glad I got to be a part of this!
  • Reflection Question
    Energy Switch to Cold Water
    What do you plan to do with the money you save from making more energy efficient choices?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:29 PM
    Pay my rent, buy groceries. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    What do you think contributes to people in North America eating more meat than in other places, and what does this say about North American values and ways of living? How do we start shifting a meat-focused food culture?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:29 PM
    I think Americans are very focused on getting a high amount of protein in their diets everyday and we are convinced that there is a huge amount of protein in beef. We can start shifting a meat-focused food culture by educating people on what the over-production of beef does to the environment. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use a Reusable Mug
    Maybe you've heard how good it is to switch from a single use coffee cup to a reuseable one but it's just hard to make the switch. Think about what stands in your way of making this a habit. By identifying the challenges, you can begin to work through them to have better success in taking this action. Knowing the difference you are making, how does it make you feel?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:27 PM
    I feel like it is not that hard to keep your own coffee mug in your car at all times so that when you do get coffee you can use it then. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Skip the Straw
    How could you incorporate other "R's" -- reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, repurpose, etc. -- into your lifestyle?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:26 PM
    Refuse buying single use plastic items, reduce the amount of times I get coffee to go, repair ripped jeans, shorts, etc. reuse clothes by buying second hand, and repurpose by using empty containers for things around the house. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use a Reusable Water Bottle
    While water bottles serve an important role in places for health and safety, we can do more to reduce the unnecessary use of them. Can you identify the barriers in making this a new habit? How can you set yourself up for success in making this a permanent change?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:25 PM
    Stop buying single use water bottles. Buy one reusable water bottle and stick to using that instead. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waste Use Reusable Bags
    What do you do if you find yourself in the situation of needing a bag for items but don't have a reuseable one with you? Carry things out in your hands? In a cart? Accept a disposable one? If you find yourself in this position often, what system could you put in place to try to establish this a successful habit?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:24 PM
    Carry it out with my hands if I am able to carry it all. I will always keep a reusable bag in my car trunk. 
  • Reflection Question
    Water Say No to Plastic Straws
    What single-use items (e.g. straws, coffee cups, vegetable bags, plastic bags) do you regularly use? What could be substituted instead?

    Rachel Meihack 4/29/2019 6:24 PM
    Coffee cups, straws, plastic grocery bags, etc. 
    Reusable mug, metal straws, reusable bags. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Buy From a Farmers Market
    What is one food choice that you make, or could make, that would do more good and less harm?

    Sara Runde 4/29/2019 5:52 PM
    One food choice that you could make that would do more good and less harm would be eating meals made from foods produced in local farms. Its important to support local farmers, and also by doing this you will be eating a healthy meal. Eating healthy makes you feel good, and gives you longer lasting energy.