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April 1 - April 30, 2019

Roosevelt U-SUST 240


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  • May 1 at 6:20 PM
    So far it's been easier than I had thought to reduce my energy usage and I love that! Not only am I being energetically efficient by turning off the light in each room that I leave, and by having replaced my lightbulbs with LED bulbs, but my utility bill is the lowest it has been in months since taking the initiative. 
  • May 1 at 6:12 PM
    My utility bill states that my average daily use (monthly usage/days. in period) is 6.9kWh, a decrease from last month with was 8.4 kWh. However my total usage for this month was 200kWh, which falls bellow the average of other in my area and state. 
  • May 1 at 6:06 PM
    Electricity is generated through our local power lines. It makes us humans completely dependable on this process. With the animals however, if power lines continue to expand, the local wildlife continue to be further pushed from their homes. 
  • May 1 at 2:54 PM
    Due to my thinking that driving is a stressful activity, I do not drive as often as my family only when absolutely necessary; however, I do see even more value in continuing my habits of not driving or even calling an uber when I could easily walk the distance or take public transportation. If it's less than three miles, walking or biking is a...
  • May 1 at 2:50 PM
    In the last few years, I have switched to the paperless option and it has been less stressful contending with unwanted and pointless mail that contains information I could have learned from online or by logging into a website. It has created less clutter because we no longer need to find a place to store mail in case we think we might need it...
  • April 28 at 5:41 PM
    It has been going really well, I have been very successful in meeting most of the requirements of this challenge. The only time that I have been unable to meet the challenge, is when I had to wash my hair. My hair is extremely curly and difficult to manage so it took me a lot longer to do my hair. I have been trying to figure out a efficient...
  • April 27 at 8:22 PM
    I wish I'd started this challenge earlier- its so interesting and engaging! I also wish I can do more water actions (as this class's week was water sinks) but many of the options are permanent or expensive. (ah college) 
  • April 27 at 8:14 PM
    Its actually easy if at home, just use a mug. If someone goes out, use a reusable container and if its fancy it gives them a chance to flex. This implies making coffee at home instead of buying out. However if coffee is homemade, grounds can be used for compost (with acidic balanced) 
  • April 15 at 9:06 PM
    I had to time myself, I was kind of rushing to do this only because I didn't want to exceed 5 minutes. Determination!! 

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